About Me

I am a self confessed film addict.


At present I write for entertainment site FlickeringMyth. I have this strange knack (some would and have called it a talent) for absorbing film/movie knowledge and recalling it at the drop of a hat.


On an average day I read up on movie news, watch trailers, stream movies, catch up on the latest TV series, revisit celebrity interviews and read Empire magazine every month as it drops through my door. Other days you might catch me at a movie screening. 


From eight years old when we had a VHS video recorder come into the house I was watching a number of diverse titles, from ‘The Exorcist’ through to ‘Ghostbusters’. Thanks to a law which meant that early video shops were not too hot on age restrictions I was able to watch most of the so called ‘Video Nasty’ list.


Since then due to a developed passion and acquired knowledge my capacity for film facts has become excessive. For this reason I started writing a film blog full of information, trivia and my own ramblings which has received over seventeen thousands hits. My blog is a way of regurgitating all those pent up facts and links in my own unique voice.


Beyond that I have been writing a ‘thriller’ for the last few years which is close to complete, as well as a few one act plays, monologues and short stories.