Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2 Review – ‘The Last Children of Krypton’

Martin Carr reviews the second episode of Supergirl season 2…

Unfortunately episode two of season two is copybook stuff. After that barnstormer however anything was likely to feel like an anti-climax, but somehow I expected more than this. Not there is anything particularly bad about ‘The Last Children of Krypton’, just that they give us nothing new which is shameful. There is a continuation of the friction which made Hank and Superman’s dynamic so engaging, but differences are soon swept aside when a not very threatening threat makes itself known.


Tyler Hoechlin’s contribution is reduced but still essential while Benoist illustrates that their chemistry is never likely to disappear. Where Supergirl is let down remains with the poorly defined bad guys. These villains lack substance, both from a character perspective and also from the standpoint that they are boring. Put simply CADMUS is just a bit dull. Now I understand they may have Mr. Danvers but that never seems a major concern and is mentioned only in passing. Writers seem more interested with balancing the emotional heft between our major players than making a threat which is actually threatening. Meaning that the efforts of Hoechlin, Benoist, Harewood, Leigh and Jordan come to nothing and episode two passes almost without incident.

Last season there was barely a misstep when it came to maintaining interest, creating concise episodic arcs and characters you could invest in. That situation has not really changed but somehow things seem less dynamic. Benoist, who remains the bedrock beneath this whole premise is still imminently watchable, yet if her peripheral support decide to jump ship then things may take a backward step.

For my money there was way too much navel gazing which I expect from something like Scream but never thought possible to such an extent here. Plus the interesting team ups which made that first episode so engaging felt truncated this time round. Everything was too neatly tied off and their requisite cliff hanger felt like a needless addition, rather than an essential progression bringing strands together.


From my standpoint this is the first time Supergirl has not been capable of earning plaudits from me. I am a fan and consider it one of my guilty pleasures so I am unlikely to stop tuning in because of one misfire. If anything it only goes to show that everything is fallible. Hopefully next week normal service will resume and I can get back to pouring praise like fine wine upon a show which is consistently entertaining.