Video Game Review – Lost Sea

Martin Carr reviews Lost Sea…

Eastasiasoft the company behind Lost Sea have created a piece of knock about cartoon fun, swashbuckling in atmosphere, playful in its puzzle solving and accessible within minutes. Trapped inside the Bermuda Triangle and having to collect items, battle baddies and trim the verge are just a few of the elements that make Lost Sea so playable.


During the course of this game you jump between islands collecting tablets and other things in order to reach a time portal. Said portal will then transport you back to reality. For my money this is merely an excuse to run around hacking at trees, dodos and large bushes, while a sea shanty plays on repeat in the background.



Along the way you can recruit helpers with different abilities, whether that is lock picking, carpentry and so on. As you collect more artefacts and coins your crew can expand, allowing multiple problem solving on the hoof. Maps are varied, puzzles not too taxing and Lost Sea is an indie game with polish by the pound. My only criticism with this slice of fried gold is that repetition soon means things drift towards the mundane.

There is no denying the quality on display here and Eastasiasoft should be proud of their work, but ultimately Lost Sea skates a thin line between being additive and repetition, with moments when the latter not the former comes to bear. But that aside, if you like some mild puzzle solving combined with enemy skirmishes aplenty, then Lost Sea could be for you. With enough variety and fun to keep most gamers happy, it remains an indie bargain of mammoth proportions. And in a time when open world scenarios, endless vistas and constantly expanding universes are par for the course, it’s nice to see a retro style adventure game get onto the playing field.



Lost Sea is proof that old school puzzle solvers still have the capacity to stand alongside more graphically demanding fare. Playable, accessible and coming highly recommended, Lost Sea is nearly as much fun as you can have without your clothes. Although playing this in your birthday suit may raise some eyebrows, so please be prudent.