Supergirl Season 1 Episode 20 Review – ‘Better Angels’

Martin Carr reviews the season finale of Supergirl season 1…

Once more I find myself late to the party. A week behind on finale analysis after all that dust has settled and we stand in the aftermath of Supergirl Mark II. As ever it was work which put pay to deadlines, but that would be a conversation for another time. Suffice to say I am back in this room swinging if a little rusty in my delivery. For those who know me hang tight this stuff is bound to get better.


Carrying on where ‘Myriad’ left off ‘Better Angels’ joins a catatonic bunch of automatons, brainwashed and tapping away like worker bees. Before this promising lead up is squandered as a broadcast plea wakes them from their stupor in a matter of seconds. Now I am a fan of this show but even that seemed a little too convenient for me, even if Benoist is able to charm birds from the trees this stretches credibility a touch too much. What follows however is a series of farewells which take saccharine to a whole new level. As Kara says goodbye to everyone she knows, almost certain that the end is nigh. But this being Supergirl you know that things are far from over and her demise will be short-lived.

Yes it may seem convenient and a touch too easy once more, but in spite of all that Supergirl won me over with minimal effort and maximum effect. What continued and continues to make this programme so watchable are that cast. Benoist, Brooks, Jordan, Flockhart and company clearly have so much fun it is hard to ignore. There are decent character arcs set up for season two, which will keep people tuning in and an abundance of opportunity as yet unexplored. With Henshaw nothing more than a distance memory, it opens up possibilities for an exploration of further backstory for our Martian team member.

That government facility which may or may not hold Jeramiah Danvers is a great starting point for kicking off round two of this series. Chyler Leigh and Peter Facinelli will be able to explore the burgeoning relationship between Lord and Alex, which could go beyond the existing fractious dynamic and develop into something more intriguing. As for Kara the sky is her limit both literally and figuratively.


Benoist has taken Supergirl and run with it winning over critics and naysayers in equal measure. I have said it before but without this actor the programme loses a huge asset. Few people have the ability to disarm with such ease and keep you interested. What is clear from this run of great programming remains simple. In Melissa Benoist we have one rising star on our hands.