Welcome to my blog . . . . my ability to mix it up a little and express my bottomless movie knowledge with some unexpected flavour combinations every time has led me to entitle my blog 'movie chef' . . . enjoy the latest seemingly random associations below . . .



I am a self confessed film addict.


At present I write for entertainment site FlickeringMyth, and for the Cineworld movie blog. I have this strange knack (some would and have called it a talent) for absorbing film/movie knowledge and recalling it at the drop of a hat.


I write a film blog full of information, trivia and my own ramblings which has received over seventeen thousands hits. My blog is a way of regurgitating all those pent up facts and links in my own unique voice.


Beyond that I have been writing a ‘thriller’ for the last few years which is close to complete, as well as a few one act plays, monologues and short stories.

 "Welcome to the Highrise. An absurdist fantasy mainlining Kubrick, Fincher and the smallest dash of Peter Greenaway, into a concoction of such cinematic potency that repeat viewing should be mandatory..."

 "There is a dark, sordid undercurrent to this opening episode which promises much and delivers more. ‘Gotham’ spends its first forty minutes and change planting seeds and continuing the story with economy and no little confidence..."

 "Amongst the opulence and heritage sits 'The Corinthia'. A hotel for which the phrase 'five star' was invented and also where I met Tess Morris. Diane Keaton fan, 'When Harry Met Sally' expert and lover of Duran Duran."

"When Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk hits Cineworld this July, there will be one name alongside fan favourites Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy that might surprise you..."